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How does being a “maverick” in the banking industry help customers?

By definition, a “maverick” is someone who searches for a way to solve problems that is not customary and often unexpected. TASI® Bank, while operating in a highly regulated industry, believes that many financial institutions choose not to listen and collaborate with customers by simply saying “the regs don’t allow us to…” or “that’s not how things are done.”

TASI® Bank doesn’t believe in those approaches. Its bankers are by training and inclination problem-solvers, people who look for ways to get a loan financed or to speed up the process to make it work for customers.

One example occurred when a client, in the middle of a construction project, was the victim of an arsonist. Rather than walking away, TASI® Bank stayed with the customer for the additional 18 months that was required to complete the building because “we felt that was our obligation” to him.

In another case, a borrower had owned a historic Bay Area marina property that had been partially converted into a “dock condominium.” He needed a loan to refinance existing debt that would allow him to continue selling boat slips. For most banks that would have ended the loan request. But not for a TASI® Bank “maverick.”

“While dock condominiums were common in other states like Florida,” said James Addicott, vice president/relationship manager, “there seemed to be no precedent in California. I spoke to property insurers, title insurers, and escrow firms, all of whom told me that they didn’t know of any in the state.”

For Addicott, that was not a roadblock. “I looked into the various options, and we were able to provide the financing that allowed the Borrower to refinance the marina and access capital for other projects. The client was satisfied,” said Addicott, adding that the entire process also broadened the Bank’s understanding of a new business segment. “A true win for the customer and a win for the Bank.”

That’s what mavericks do.