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Ready to reinvest in your commercial business?

Every business is different and so are the needs of your California business loan. We have over 40 years of funding, not just a good commercial business loan, but the right one for you. From commercial to conventional to C&I & SBA Loans, let’s evaluate your options and help you get the funding you need to get back to running your business. 

What Loan Does My Business Need?

Let’s find the right loan for your business. In order to secure a commercial loan, we have some basic requirements such as: at least two years in business, adequate cash flow, and sufficient collateral. For more information, contact our team of mavericks.

C&I Loan

Take advantage of our C&I Loan terms for up to 10 years.

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Conventional Business Loans

Access working capital and equipment financing with terms ranging from 5-10 years.

Commercial Real Estate

Explore loans for all types of asset types such as: Multifamily, Warehouses, Offices, Hotels, Gas Stations, and Assisted Living Facilities & Dockominiums

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SBA Loans

For most owner-occupied businesses, access 7A and 504 Loans

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“[TASI® Bank] was always listening. We really developed a personal relationship - [TASI® Bank] stayed with us through the entire process, and we were able to restart the project (41 units near Lake Merritt in Oakland) and successfully complete it.” - Athan Magannas, who owns several multi-family housing developments in the East Bay

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