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As a 420-friendly bank with nearly a decade of experience, we understand the extensive costs you face as a cannabis business owner to set you up for a profitable future. Whether you work with CBD, Marijuana, or Hemp, we offer tailored financial services that get your CRB what it needs to flourish in a rapidly changing economic environment.

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Financing the agricultural ambitions of greener grass.


Funding for lab testing & manufacturing registrations.

Branding & Packaging

Shelf space expenses for retail ventures.


Armored truck pickup for fortified cash flow.

Professional Services

Legal, Accounting, & Real Estate for legitimate dealers.

Retail & Medical Dispensary

Financial tools to build a brick & mortar customer base.

Green Check Verified

Backed by leading Fintech for compliant banking solutions.

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Our Maverick CRB bankers help cannabis business owners maintain their high expectations. From Tier 1 to Tier 3 companies operating within the marijuana industry, our professional service and CRB expertise is unmatched.

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420 Banking FAQs

One of our dedicated Maverick Bankers would be happy to discuss the possibility of opening an account. Contact us and tell us more about your CRB.

The SAFER (formerly the SAFE) Banking Act was first introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives in May 2017. It has been revised several times since the House passed it in 2021. In the years since, the Act has gained bipartisan support and has been officially placed on the Senate’s calendar for a full floor vote.

Opening a CRB can be difficult because of compliance, risks, and the need for due diligence in the marijuana industry. This is mainly because cannabis is still illegal at the federal level and highly regulated at the state level. That’s why it’s beneficial to have a 420-friendly banking partner like TASI® Bank in your corner.

Though many banks may choose not to serve CRBs, TASI® Bank is a California cannabis-friendly bank. The SAFE Act, if passed, will reinforce this. TASI® Bank is here to meet the needs of underserved markets in the cannabis space since 2015.

Currently TASI® Bank is only working with licensed cannabis-related businesses in the state of California.

In a word, "yes" although we need to talk more to understand the opportunities and risks involved with your CRB.

There are three sectors of the cannabis industry: Marijuana-, Hemp-, and CBD-related businesses. Each is considered a Cannabis-Related Business (CRB) but requires a different form of compliance to operate.

Absolutely. TASI® Bank, Division of Bank of Guam is an FDIC-insured community bank headquartered in San Francisco. We are fully compliant with state law and federal regulators as well as FINCEN Guidelines. Your money is as safe as it would be in any FDIC-insured bank account.

The TASI® Bank application process generally takes about one week for approval. The process involves submitting an application, verifying records, meeting in-person, having a TASI® Bank member visit your business, and conducting an internal compliance audit.

All TASI® Bank commercial business accounts incur fees and our CRB Banking accounts are no different. Our fees reflect the compliance and due diligence associated with state and federal regulations surrounding cannabis banking. We tailor our services accordingly.


We have supported CRBs with nearly $20 million in cannabis business loans and financing solutions. By offering cannabis credit lines we help business owners operate with the working capital they need to think bigger.

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