We are TASI® Bank, a division of the Bank of Guam® and rebels in the way we approach modern-day banking. We are proud to be a Minority Depository Institution (MDI), working with small business owners throughout the West Coast who empower their communities through big ideas and bigger initiatives.

The Journey to TASI Bank

1972 The birth of new banking.
1970 Image3
Chartered by Jesus S. Leon Guerrero with a capitalization of $1.5 million, Bank of Guam became FDIC-insured and a member of the Federal Reserve Clearing System.
1974-75 People first.
1970 Image13
Despite a major recession, the first mobile banking facility was established and bank assets reached $34.2 million.
1982-83 A decade of milestones.
1980 Image19
After celebrating Bank of Guam’s 10th anniversary, the first branch was opened on the U.S. mainland in San Francisco’s Financial District.
1987-88 The digital age.
1980 Image23
With record growth, assets were up 11.7% at $362 million and the Comprehensive Banking System (CBS) computer software package was introduced.
1988-1989 The Blue Ribbon.
1980 Image16
Bank of Guam attained a level of assets ($400 million) that fewer than 10% of the nation’s banks earn, being honored with Blue Ribbon status.
1996 Guam dot com.
1990 Image26
With bank assets at $693 million, Bank of Guam launched its first website.
1997-98 United through strength.
1990 Image5
During its 25th anniversary, the Bank of Guam contributed $100,000 to the Red Cross and donated office space for recovery efforts during three major crises, including the Flight KAL 180 disaster, the Asian market crash, and super typhoon Paka.
2001-02 The loss of a leader.
1980 Image7
Bank of Guam 30th anniversary also marked the passing of founder Jesus S. Leon Guerrero.
2004-05 A time of change.
Lou Leon Guerrero succeeded President and Chairman Anthony A. Leon Guerrero after his passing. Bank assets reached $795 million.
2005-06 Broadening our support.
2000 Image33
Began a three-year sponsorship of Women in Business (WIB) and Pacific Islands Microcredit Institute bank were inducted into the Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame.
2011-12 Marking a milestone.
2011 Image9
After celebrating its 40th anniversary, bank assets reached $1.2 billion. Bank of Guam was also named the 2012 SBA Lender of the Year after opening 24 branches operating around the world. Dave Joves joins as SVP California Region.
2012-13 A reason to celebrate.
2011 Image14
Bank of Guam was once again named SBA Lender of the Year and Banker of the Year with assets reaching $1.28 billion.
2015-16 Setting the course.
Joaquin Cook became EVP/Chief Sales and Service Officer. In this year, bank assets reach $1.5 billion.
2016-17 A new perspective.
2011 Image32
Ms. Maria Eugenia Leon Guerrero became EVP/Retail and Card Services. Bank of Guam sponsors the 2016 Festival of The Pacific Arts. San Francisco branch assets reach $350 million.
2019-20 Growth continues.
2011 Image6
The San Francisco branch exceeds $400 million in net assets.
2019 The next generation of leaders.
Joaquin maria william guerrero
Board appoints new Executive Team: Joaquin P.L.G. Cook, President and CEO, Maria Eugenia Leon Guerrero, EVP and COO, William Leon Guerrero, Chair of the Board
2021 The start of something new.
Montgomery exterior history
The San Francisco branch separates as its own operating entity, rebranding as TASI Bank. Dave Joves is elected as Chairman of the Western Bankers Association (WBA) and branch assets reach $435 million.

Our Mission

TASI® Bank is the Maverick of community banking, challenging the market for the good of our clients. We have the courage to take risks and are the approachable experts in small business banking and commercial lending.

We build value by providing our clients and prospects the best banking services in the region. As Mavericks, we love challenging the rules. Especially when they’re confining, confusing, outdated, or ineffective. We are convicted by our vision and ideas.

We bring a fresh, client-focused approach to small business and commercial lending. From product design through application, to how we make decisions and disburse, our clients’ needs always lead the way.

Tasi bank customers

Real customers. Real impact.

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