The partner your nonprofit needs.

From 10 years of experience working with several nonprofits, we have successfully supported California nonprofit accounts. We are tailored to meet the specific needs of nonprofit organizations, offering features like low fees, interest on deposits, and service for the customized needs of your nonprofit organization to support your mission effectively.

Finances can be hard to navigate, so we are here to make them easy. We understand the ins and outs of nonprofit finances and are ready to find the best solution for you. In a world of no’s, we say yes. 

Why nonprofit banking & lending is different At TASI® Bank.

When you open an account with TASI® Bank, you gain access to a team ready to help you at every twist and turn. With our experience helping over 50 California nonprofits with their banking needs from accounts to savings, and loans, we know how to navigate the ups and downs to help you thrive. Since 2013 we have provided 15M to nonprofits across California, and your nonprofit could be next. 

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TASI® Bank: The People’s Bank

We are passionate about helping our communities, through our banking services and in our everyday lives. Through our legacy and as a division of the Bank® of Guam, we are proudly known as “the people’s bank" and we uphold this responsibility in our relationship with our customers, employees, and our communities. Our team members are part of many nonprofit organizations such as the Curry Senior Center and Good Shepherd Gracenter and also work to maintain a long history of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We take pride in having an intimate knowledge of the work you do and what you need to succeed.

We aren’t like a regular bank.

Unlike other banks, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to anything. Our team works to find a unique solution to fit your nonprofit needs, with nonprofit-friendly services, no monthly fees, and easy access to lines of credit. Don’t just work with a bank, gain a partner in your mission. 

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