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Green Check Verified: Why Does It Matter for Banks to Have This?


At TASI Bank®, we are committed to providing you the answers you need as you embark on your cannabis business journey. This article will discuss frequently asked questions from fellow marijuana business owners regarding Green Check Verified and why it is important for your business to practice secure banking in the cannabis sector. 

Firstly, what is Green Check Verified?

Green Check Verified is a cannabis banking platform created by experts in technology, banking, and regulations to support cannabis businesses. The platform partners with numerous banks such as TASI Bank® to provide banking services to cannabis enterprises like yours. In short, since Tasi is a Green Check Verified member, we can safely assist 420-friendly businesses with their financial needs and supply the necessary resources for their success without the normal financial risks that come along with the cannabis sector. Additionally, by opening an account or securing funding with TASI Bank®, your business will be Green Check Verified. Now that’s a win-win. 

What does Green Check Verified Do? 

Green Check Verified helps cannabis businesses connect with financial institutions and the services they need. The platform makes it easier for 420-friendly businesses to open bank accounts, access services, and stay compliant with regulations. When you partner with Green Check Verified through TASI Bank®, we will automate the tedious and error-prone parts of cannabis banking compliance for you. Our team will also provide accuracy and transparency services to support your business growth while ensuring proper banking practices.

Why is it important to work with a bank that has Green Check Verification?

One of the most crucial steps in beginning your cannabis business is making sure you are partnering with a bank that is Green Check Verified. By working with a Green Check Verified bank like TASI Bank®, one of the only Green Check Verified banks in Northern and Southern California, the platform automates regulatory activities that keep high-risk businesses compliant with all federal, state, and local regulations. The goal is to ensure that every transaction made at your business is monitored and compliant with California state regulations and bank policies, so your business can remain open, and you can continue selling products. 

In short, TASI Bank® looks out for your business, with every transaction and provides an end-to-end cannabis program so you can build a foundation for your business of efficiency and scalability for long-term success.

How does being Green Check Verified benefit my customers and sales? 

Having a Green Check verification for your cannabis business is crucial for several reasons but most importantly, it shows customers that your products have been tested and meet certain quality standards. This can help build trust and credibility with consumers, ultimately leading to increased sales and customer loyalty.

A Green Check verification can also help your business stand out in a crowded market. With more cannabis businesses popping up every day, having that verification can set you apart from the competition and attract more customers to your brand. Overall, having a Green Check verification for your cannabis business is not only important for ensuring the quality and safety of your products, but it can also help your business thrive in a competitive industry.

What are my next steps if I want to open my Cannabis Bank Account or explore a Cannabis Business Loan?  

As a Green Check Verified Bank with nearly a decade of experience helping business owners in the cannabis industry, we are here to help you as you explore opening a Cannabis account, securing a Cannabis loan or both! Your next steps are simple: reach out to our team and we will be happy to talk you through everything you need to know and how to set your business up for a safe and profitable future. 

We hope this was a helpful tool as you continue to expand your knowledge as well as your business. If you are interested in more reading on the subject, explore our website for Cannabis- related blogs articles or if you would like to speak with a human, contact one of our team members. We’d love to hear from you. For more on Green Check Verified, visit their website.