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Curry Senior Center


For over 49 years, Curry Senior Center ( has been helping low-income and homeless seniors through a holistic care approach. Under the direction of Executive Director Dave Knego, the organization serves the persistent and urgent needs of low-income seniors who are aging in place in the Tenderloin and South of Market districts of San Francisco.

The Center provides a variety of programs that address the needs of older adults who have limited financial resources.

Knego, who coincidentally attended high school in Guam, describes the relationship with the Bank as broad-based, ranging from major sponsorship to the practical matter of having helped Curry Center to obtain a much-needed PPP loan. “We serve a high-need population that doesn’t get much support at this stage of life,” he said. “We have elderly people who need help to use their phones and are often very limited in their mobility.”

Bank of Guam’s San Francisco Branch Manager Shirley Quitugua has been on the Curry Center board of directors for nearly a decade. “It’s a great resource for the elderly population it serves,” she says. “And interestingly the Bank and the Center are both in their 49th year of existence. We have a total partnership with them.” The Bank has been a major sponsor of the Center’s major fundraising gala for the past five years.

Curry works to plan and to deliver health education, health promotion, and patient improvement programs across the agency. Knego points that it helps older adults make lifestyle changes by encouraging regular health screenings, stress management, healthy eating, and physical activity.

In 2019-2020, the Wellness Program served more than 143 clients with more than 1,800 encounters.

Curry Senior Center provides medical and social support to San Francisco residents who are 55 years and older. We also provide elderly health education and behavioral health services.