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TASI® Bank Fits the Bill for AMG Petroleum


Trinna and Alex Gaviola own a thriving business, AMG Petroleum, which has seven locations in the San Jose area. While some are operated as franchises of Valero, others are independently branded, and all have convenience stores attached. In business for 20 years, the husband-and-wife team have a long relationship with TASI® Bank, although it is not their only bank.

“We do some business with larger financial institutions,” says Alex, “but what keeps us working with TASI® is how personally we are treated. We work with several bankers at TASI® Bank and what they all have in common is that stay connected with us and keep us informed about any changes that may affect us.”

TASI® Bank has recently financed two real estate acquisitions for AMG, which has 80 employees. “The bank was instrumental in the transactions,” adds Trinna. “They really collaborated closely with us to help us structure the deals to provide the best financing.”

Alex, who believes it is helpful to have working relationships with more than one bank, says TASI® Bank “has been important to our growth and our success. The bank has a niche, a very knowledgeable and professional staff that provides personalized service.” As an example, he cited a time when a TASI® Bank banker came to their residence to deliver papers required for a transaction. “Relationships matter,” he says, “and TASI® Bank fits the bill for us.”

Shawn McKenna, regional vice president/relationship manager for TASI® Bank, works with the Gaviola's and understands the value of collaborating with customers. “We have many customers who have other banking relationships,” he says. “Our job is to make TASI® Bank a valuable partner. Businesses stay with us because they trust us. They know that we’ll work with them to tailor loans to meet their needs.”