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Ask TASI: We listen


Ask TASI: We listen

The rule of thumb in banking is as they grow, the more impersonal they become.

Not so with TASI Bank.

Over the past decade, the Bank has grown from $35 million in total assets to over $435 million. At the same time, TASI has built loyalty because of how closely its staff stays in contact with its customers. Personal responsibility for Bank customers is a hallmark of the organization.

Renee Obispo, an assistant loan support manager who has worked both in Guam and San Francisco for the bank, provides a prime example. “I had a customer who had trouble with receiving statements. I helped him get online banking, although it is not in my job assignment, and now he calls me directly if he has a problem. I’m only too happy to help him.”

A question that any new or potential customer faces when approaching a bank for the first time is, “how will I be treated?”

At TASI, the answers are straightforward: Your business is important to us. We want to hear your story. We will tell you early on if we think that we can help you. We will do everything in our power to find a product that fits your needs.

Whether your business is cannabis-tented property, tourist hotels, gas stations, or commercial real estate, TASI Bank is committed to listening, finding a product, and being there for you long term. These are not idle claims.

“We have recently funded a client who is building two hotels in Southern California,” says Jesus Leon Guerrero, a Vice President/Relationship Manager.

“While our normal region of doing business is in the nine Bay Area counties, the customer was comfortable with us, and we knew enough of his business acumen that we both felt comfortable enough to move forward.”

He also pointed to a project in the East Bay that, because of regulatory approvals that the facility owner had to obtain, took several years longer than expected. “When it was finally approved, we were there with the financing,” said Guerrero.

In the developing business of cannabis, TASI has studied the regulations, the industry, and the areas in which it can participate.

The present regulations are clear: Banks cannot participate in the funding of Tier 1 entities, those that directly touch or sell cannabis. But there are Tier 2 and Tier 3 companies involved in real estate and/or consulting where there are fewer or no regulatory concerns.

“We receive calls regularly from businesspeople who have heard that we have an interest and have found legal avenues to help the financial aspects of their business,” says Shawn McKenna, a Vice President/Relationship Manager. “We’re very compliance-oriented, but there are opportunities, and we’re willing to discuss them.”

McKenna is also heavily involved with TASI’s multi-family home, hotel, and PPP business. “Businesspeople come to us because they trust us, either because of previous experience or because of recommendations from customers who they may know.”

A recurring theme that resonates throughout TASI is summed up in “I heard that the Bank…”.

TASI bank staff is by training and by nature attuned to answering questions and finding ways to provide the financial support required to help a customer’s business thrive.