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Golf is More Than Just a Game.

Guam Familia supporting TASI Bank and our esteemed clients.

Over the past several years, TASI ® Bank has taken a deep dive into golf, with our own tournament, and by supporting nonprofit organizations that utilize the sport as a fundraising activity.


For us, no one has explained it better than Colleen Ferrary Bader, founder of Small Business USA LLC, who says: “Golf…has the ability to build lasting relationships in a few short hours… fund projects, build teams, break down barriers, and create an environment of deal-making, stress relief, and wellness. It's the one place where we willingly shut off our phones, turn away from distraction, and become one with nature and ourselves.”

Not only well said, but also very true.

In June 2023, TASI Bank hosted its third annual outing at Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco, with 72 customers and staff members competing for prizes, engaging in friendly conversation, and taking a few hours away from the office.

“For us,” says Alan Gaul, TASI Vice President Marketing & Brand Management, “it’s a way for us to say thanks to our customers and spend time getting to know them as colleagues. We look forward to putting it on every year and we know by the eagerness that the invitations are accepted that our customers see it the same way.”

TASI Bank has also made it a point to participate in fundraising tournaments in Northern and Southern California.  In 2023, TASI Bank executives supported;

  • Charity of Hope event in San Diego which provides funding for disaster relief, orphanages, hospitals and
  •  Bhartiya Mandal Foundation:   Partnering to create an institution to preserve Gujarati heritage through various cultural events while also giving back to the local San Francisco Bay Area community.
  • Peninsula Gujarati Association – Sponsorship that helps provide resources for the Indian community and helps to create a sense of community by sponsoring cultural, social, educational events and gatherings.

Says Gaul, by supporting the tournaments “we are also committing to support the organizations that benefit from the funding.  It might be a cliché but it’s also true.  Golf for us is a win-win situation.  We are already planning our 2024 tournament at Presidio.”