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TASI® Bank Expands Into SoCal Markets


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TASI ® Bank Expands Into SoCal Markets

Relocates Jesus H. Leon Guerrero, VP/Relationship Manager to the Area

San Francisco—September 26, 2022--TASI ® Bank, a division of Bank of Guam ® and a community business bank based in San Francisco, today announced its expansion to the Southern California market (Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego) and has relocated Jesus H. Leon Guerrero, vice president/relationship manager, to cover the territory.

TASI Bank, which has operated a branch in San Francisco’s Financial District since 1982, is a division of Bank of Guam ® and has total net assets of approximately $450 million.

“We have been thinking about the markets for a while,” said Dave Joves, president of TASI Bank. “We are confident that we can duplicate our San Francisco model with a conservative approach. Because of our owners (Bank of Guam [®]),” we can look far down the road and take a steady approach to growth.”

Added Leon Guerrero, “I am excited about bringing our small and medium-sized business and online banking services to Southern California. I’ve found the markets similar to the Bay Area and potential customers are very interested in learning our unique story and what we can provide them.”

Without a physical location in the area, he has already completed several financing transactions. “We’re not doing anything different than what we have been doing in Northern California. It’s just in a different location.”

The fact that TASI Bank didn’t have a physical location outside of San Francisco wasn’t a consideration. The service levels and responsiveness of the Bank’s staff are what sets it apart.

"While we have had a presence in the Financial District of San Francisco for decades," said Joves, "we have developed a reputation and style that allows us to take advantage of technology and online services. Also, the heritage of our Bank of Guam ownership is extremely helpful. For instance, there are similarities between Guam with its dependence on federal contracts and tourism and San Diego which also leans in that direction."

In that regard, Joves believes that TASI Bank is both a leader and a maverick. "We have been working this way for decades, long before online banking took hold. Our customers have embraced it and early results in Southern California are reinforcing our confidence."

Joves also said that TASI Bank was eyeing long-term expansion along the entire West Coast. “We can grow at a steady pace without pressure. As a fairly conservative underwriter, we feel very comfortable with our plan.”

About TASI Bank

TASI ®Bank (, headquartered in San Francisco’s Financial District, serves a broad community of business and commercial customers since 1982. TASI Bank has recently expanded its service area into Southern California, adding customers in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. A maverick in community banking, the TASI Bank builds value for its client base by being flexible and adaptive and providing the traditional services of a bank combined with online, fintech capabilities. A division of Bank of Guam®, TASI Bank encourages its staff to create and provide innovative products and services that meet customer needs. It defines its own success by the level of success that customers achieve. As a Minority Depository Institution (MDI) and an SBA Preferred Lender, it has the regulatory flexibility and the expertise to say, “yes,” for customers who may have been denied at other institutions.