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TASI® Bank Announces Passing of Founder’s Beloved Widow


TASI ® Bank Announces Passing Of Bank of Guam Founder’s Beloved Widow

Hagåtña, Guam –

TASI ®Bank, a subsidiary of Bank of Guam ®, has announced the passing of Eugenia Calvo Aflague Leon Guerrero, who was the wife of Bank of Guam’s late founder, Jesus S. Leon Guerrero.

Mrs. Leon Guerrero, aged 93, is also the mother to past Bank of Guam presidents Anthony and Lourdes Leon Guerrero, grandmother to current President/ CEO, Joaquin Cook and Executive Vice President/COO, Maria Eugenia Leon Guerrero, and matriarch to all who have become part of the Bank of Guam Familia over the years.

In 1949, Mrs. Leon Guerrer married Jesus S. Leon Guerrero. This union created a beautiful family and also served as a cornerstone of support for her husband's ambitious endeavors and a source of inspiration for her children, grandchildren, and the entire Bank of Guam Familia.

“She was a remarkable woman whose compassion, love, and resilience have left a lasting mark on the hearts of all she touched. Her life will continue to be a source of inspiration, guiding us all to continue to act with a sense of deep respect for our people as we make good on our commitment to create a brighter future for generations to come,” said in a joint statement from Joaquin P. L.G. Cook and Maria Eugenia H. Leon Guerrero.

Over the years, she championed many causes, dedicating time personally to uplift our community and care for our people. In 1965, she became a founding member of the Guam Memorial Hospital Volunteers Association, affectionately known as "the Pink Ladies."

Today, the association is made up of dedicated individuals who generously volunteer their time in support of the hospital’s patients, staff, and visitors. In 2005, the University of Guam dedicated the School of Business and Public Administration building in honor of Jesus and Eugenia Leon Guerrero and their support of higher education.

As a company, Bank of Guam celebrates the legacy Mrs. Leon Guerrero helped to build, the leaders she raised, and the lives she helped make better —a legacy beyond service, but one of respect, fairness, compassion, and integrity. As a family, Bank of Guam bids farewell to its matriarch, who has touched the lives of so many through her love of community, generous heart, and playful spirit. She will be forever missed.

Bank of Guam, founded in 1972, has had a presence in San Francisco’s Financial District on Montgomery Street, since 1983. In 2001, Bank of Guam rebranded the San Francisco operations under the banner of TASI Bank.