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Being a “Maverick”: TASI® Bank Builds Value for Customers


For Shirley N. Quitugua, vice president/branch manager for TASI® Bank, there is more to her job than being responsible for overseeing operations, staffing, and customer experience at the branch location in San Francisco’s Financial District.

She also has a deep and long-standing commitment to the community. Over the years, she has been instrumental in fostering TASI® Bank’s involvement with two San Francisco-based nonprofit organizations, Curry Senior Center, which serves elderly individuals, and Good Shepherd Grace Center, which is dedicated to providing temporary residences and employment services to abused women. Both are located in San Francisco and she serves on the board of each and has intimate knowledge of the organizations and their missions.

Quitugua, who holds a degree from Stonier Graduate School of Banking in Philadelphia and from the University of Guam, has been on the Curry Center board of directors for nearly a decade. “It’s a great resource for the elderly population it serves,” she says. “And interestingly the Bank and the Center are entering their 50th year of existence. We have a total partnership with them.” The TASI® Bank has been a major sponsor of the Center’s major fundraising gala for the past five years.

She also sits on the board of Grace Center. “The Grace Center is particularly close to our hearts,” she says. “Everyone knows someone that is touched by what these women have gone through and are battling. We care,” she says. “We want them to be able to carry out their work and we want to provide what we can within our means to make them successful.”

While each nonprofit serves a different need for those who are part of their programs, each shares a deep commitment and long history in the community.