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Building the Team at TASI Bank


Building a successful team is always challenging. It doesn't matter whether the "team" is involved in sports or business because it requires recruiting, evaluating, and training people with diverse backgrounds and experience and fitting them into an organization that already exists.

But what sets TASI Bank apart is its ability to identify and integrate new staff without missing a beat. 

The concept that makes this possible is one built from the tradition of TASI Bank's parent organization, Bank of Guam ®.

It's called "Familia," and it's something that TASI Bank's three most recent management hires all point to.

Familia culture is built on the legacy of founder Jose Leon Guerrero. It is a philosophy of respect, fairness, generosity, and integrity.

Raun Taft, who came to TASI Bank with more than 30 years of banking experience, offers, "As soon as I joined TASI Bank, I could feel a difference. We truly value 'family', which extends from employees to customers. We are committed to getting the job done. It's a collaborative melting pot of experience."

Qi (Jenny) Jing, a recently hired digital banking officer at TASI Bank, understands it well. In her new position, she works with customers from all over the state. "Here, I have a work-life balance and the opportunity," she said, "to use all my skills. It's very different from other banks."

Also joining the digital bank staff, Leo Wang, echoes Jing’s thoughts.  He said, “I had heard that TASI Bank had a very sincere culture that cared about people and customers,” he said. “It’s true. We are a people’s bank.” Wang works closely with the branch operation and loan production teams to provide high-level support to customers on our digital banking platform.

Michael Augustini, a new vice president/business development manager, describes it as “TASI is where my skills and knowledge are important,” he said. “We are encouraged to interact with each other and to ask questions of our colleagues to help us learn.”

How is "Familia" achieved?

By empowering employees with opportunities for professional and personal development. By helping customers succeed financially through expert advice and personalized services. And by strengthening the community with access to financial services, corporate, philanthropy, and personal involvement.

It is not easy, but it's the blueprint for building a successful team.