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TASI® Bank West Coast Expansion


TASI® Bank region vice president/relationship manager Jesus Leon Guerrero had been given the opportunity to expand the San Francisco-based operations to Southern California. At the same time, a long-time customer whose business had previously been limited to Northern California was seeking to expand in the San Diego area.

“Not a problem at all,” said Leon Guerrero. “We knew the customer well and his business was in the hotel industry where we have deep knowledge. He needed financing to cover the ground lease as well as renovations of the property. We were there for him the entire process.”

Without a physical location in the area, TASI® Bank (and Leon Guerrero) have been able to complete the entire transaction with a combination of online banking services and personal contact. “Banking has changed,” said Leon Guerrero. “For us as a community business lender, it has always been about relationships and working with customers to meet their individual needs. In this case, the borrower had worked with other banks but chose to conduct this transaction with us because we were flexible and accommodating.”

Eyes on So Cal

While TASI® Bank’s customers are primarily in the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties, they are often looking to expand their businesses in other regions in California. Recently, a customer who is a high-end furniture retailer decided to open a location near Hollywood and needed financing.

“We had provided him loans for his San Francisco site in the past,” said Leon Guerrero “When he talked to us about his expansion plans, we immediately said ‘yes’ and provided him with financing for tenant improvements and inventory.”

The fact that TASI® Bank doesn’t have a physical location outside of San Francisco wasn’t a consideration. The service levels and responsiveness of the Bank’s staff are what sets it apart.