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The Wave: Renee Obispo "We are still the ‘people’s bank"


Renee Obispo started her career with Bank of Guam more than 30 years ago. Today, as the Bank has evolved into TASI Bank, she can reflect on the changes that she has seen and what makes her job enjoyable and vital.

As Assistant Loan Support Manager at TASI’s San Francisco location, she has wide-ranging responsibilities, working with loan documents, with vendors, and internal staff. Having begun her career in Guam, she came to the mainland in 2013.

“The change was not easy,” she says. “Guam is a miniature Hawaii; only we don’t have highways.” That’s a far cry from the Bay Area, where she says everything seems more fast-paced and changes occur more frequently.

“It has been there for every important step of my life,”

Her attitude toward the change from Bank of Guam to TASI Bank is indicative of her personal ethic.

“I’m excited about the change and being part of the new entity. And I am pleased that we are still the ‘people’s bank.’”

On Guam, she built strong customer relationships and still gets calls from people she worked with there. And in San Francisco, she fondly remembers customers who reach out to her directly because of past interactions.

While her commute is a long one these days, she has long and lasting ties to the Bank. “It has been there for every important step of my life,” she says. “I am just so grateful.”